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Before building this model, in order to understand better the functioning, I did some research on the history of tractors, watching many videos from various periods and reading various historical and modern documents. All the research I've done, have helped me to get interested still more to these types of vehicles.


The main features of the tractor:


It is not a model for all (because of its complexity and realism) - Made in Italy - Homemade

Drawn by me - Thought and designed to the smallest details - Built, bent, soldered and finished by hand

Entirely of steel - Customized screws in scales - Rims made at home

Realistic tires designed by me and made home - Rear hubcaps (of resin)

PCB designed and created at home - Instrument Backlighting - Realistic parking lights

Realistic Rain Cap and Muffler - Hydraulic lift arms - Working lynch pins

 Hydraulic oil tank homemade - Painted with airbrush - Extremely robust

Can rust (like in reality) - Auxiliary socket for trailer - Total weight of the tractor 7Kg

Rear axle without differential - Autonomy 4h (with 3s 3300mAh LiPo battery) - Length 445mm Width 225mm Height 265mm