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A few years ago I began the build of the Kirovets K-700A, a Russian tractor very unusual.
Unfortunately, for family reasons and work, I had to suspend the construction.
To realize an accurate reproduction in every detail, faithful to reality, it requires much time and infinite patience.

Becoming an adult and having more responsibility, many things have changed... free time to dedicate toscale models of real vehicles, it is too little compared to when I made the Uaz 469B and BRDM-2.

To continue my passion, I had to change my way of making models.
Rather than copying exactly an actual vehicle, I project it using my inventive and I draw inspiration from the details that impressed me more in any vehicle scale 1:1 (it's depending on the model I want to realize).
This allows me to simplify the construction on based to equipment I own and to express my personal creativity in each project.

From this new way of conceive my models, the K-T7 tractor was born.
Through studies I had done on Kirovets, I was able to perform any part of the 3-point hitch and the drawbar.
I had great fun to design this tractor... starting from scratch and combining different details from actual vehicles, blending it all together to create a unique and special model.

For some parts of the tractor I chose the laser cutting, because some forms would be difficult to recreate with the equipment that I have.

Since I started making my models, I always wanted to do at home tires and rims.
In this project, after many trials, I was able to realize my desire.

The structure of the tractor is built entirely of steel.
Thanks to accurate design in every detail, the choice of materials and experience accumulated over the years, I have developed a very solid and robust model (without sacrificing aesthetics and realism).

I am very satisfied of this model... it was a very important challenge for me.
Being an old-fashioned tractor (without cab), you have all the components in such a short space, without damaging the aesthetics, it was not at all easy. Farther, the tractor is a very complex machine to be implemented (in particular for the 3-point hitch).

I always had a passion for music and the electric guitar and with the help of my wife, I've wanted to create the song for the video of this model.

After a few months that I have built, I got the idea of turning my passion to create models in a real job.

I hope that my idea be realized, because I'd really like to be able to use all my experience gained over the years and my skills, to make real the dreams of other enthusiasts like myself.




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